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Posted by: Oxtexnews at 10:58 am on November 18th, 2016

OM_IB_171116.jpgThe recent progress and success of Oxtex has been covered by the In Business section of the Oxford Times. It starts -

"There are lots of reasons to celebrate at medical technology company Oxtex. A successful first product launched to the UK veterinary market, human trials starting in the UK and Malaysia, two product launches planned in 2017 and an innovation award win for founders Marc Swan and Professor Jan Czernuska.

All of the above are significant milestones achieved during the company's fifth year in business, an anniversary that over half of UK start-ups fail to reach. Oxtex has developed novel devices for soft tissue that enable skin to inflate and grow to assist surgeons in reconstructive surgical procedures......."

The full article is available on this site as a single-page PDF, or within the full magazine (registration required) on the Oxford Times' site.

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What is tissue expansion?

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