Oxtex announces £1.25m cross bite collaboration

Posted by: admin at 12:32 pm on March 8th, 2013

Together with the University of Oxford's Department for Materials Oxtex Ltd is teaming-up with the University of Malaya to develop its novel hydrogels for a new treatment for chronic jaw disorders. The company will soon begin work with researchers at the University of Malaya to develop its novel hydrogel tissue expanders to treat crossbite and transverse maxillary hypoplasia.

Cross bite is a common problem in clinical dentistry. It is diagnosed when either the lower teeth bite outside or, less commonly, inside the upper teeth. It often reflects the discrepancy between the widths of the dental arch bases and is commonly due to transverse maxillary hypoplasia. This is a condition where the upper jaw is narrower than the lower jaw. It can be painful and affects nearly one-in-ten of Malaysia’s population. The £1.25m High Impact Research grant from the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia will fund three Doctorate and four Masters places over a period of four years, and is expected to generate 35 scientific papers and at least one patent.

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