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ISO 13485 certification successfully renewed

Posted by Oxtex02 on March 10, 2014

Oxtex has received continued certification of the internationally recognized quality standard, ISO 13485. This certificate guarantees that all the company processes and manufacturing are carried out to independently monitored and audited standards. All Oxt…

Oxtex has filed two product patents to protect the unique expansion properties of its device. This further strengthens the company’s position vis-à-vis its most direct competitor. Together with its technical review specialists the company has also locked d…

Oxtex secures follow-on investment

Posted by Oxtex02 on October 15, 2013

Current investors into Oxtex have committed an additional £220k of follow-on investment. This confirms the trust of the investor community into the company’s progress and increases the current investment to £1.035m. Oxtex has embarked on its last angel fun…

Oxtex quality management systems certified to ISO 13485

Posted by Oxtex02 on June 10, 2013

Oxtex has taken the next step towards full scale production of its novel hydrogel tissue expanders. Its quality management systems have been certified to ISO 13845:2003 standard for the “design, development and manufacture of self-inflating hydrogel tissue…

Oxtex announces £1.25m cross bite collaboration

Posted by admin on March 8, 2013

Together with the University of Oxford's Department for Materials Oxtex Ltd is teaming-up with the University of Malaya to develop its novel hydrogels for a new treatment for chronic jaw disorders. The company will soon begin work with researchers at the U…

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