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The Oxtex soft tissue expander has the potential to replace existing tissue expanders, transform how reconstructive surgical procedures are done currently and open a market for entirely new applications in reconstructive, dental and veterinary surgery.

Medical applications

Soft tissue expansion is a very well established in the area of reconstructive and plastic surgery. Oxtex offers surgeons a superior solution to currently available expanders, namely an autonomous controlled device whose expansion can be better controlled and whose expansion profile can be tailored to the individual surgical application. Its use reduces the number of times a patient has to visit the hospital thereby greatly increasing patient benefit.

Veterinary surgery

The concept of introducing soft tissue expanders into veterinary surgical practice has been met with considerable enthusiasm by the small animal and equine surgeon’ community. It presents a novel way in treating a wide variety of de-gloving injuries on distal limbs and may also find application in tumour excision procedures.

Dental & oral applications

The potential use of soft tissue expanders for dental and oral surgery applications is large and the market is growing. Currently available soft tissue expanders have not been used in in these areas so far due to their size and unsuitable expansion properties, namely isotropic expansion leading to device extrusion and considerable patient discomfort. The Oxtex soft tissue expanders address these shortcomings in a variety of different areas.


The engagement with the research community is of primary importance to the company and we welcome the opportunity to engage with researchers and surgical practitioners alike. Since April 2013 Oxtex has made considerable progress towards establishing an integrated quality management system and ensuring the safety and efficacy of the device. Oxtex has also commissioned the necessary toxicology testing of the expander for regulatory purposes.

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