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Investing in Oxtex

Oxtex presents an attractive investment opportunity to individual investors, investment syndicates and institutional investors. The company is currently supported by investments from the University of Oxford and a large number of individual investors from the Oxfordshire and London investment community. Current investments in the company amount to over £1m.


The Oxtex tissue expander has applications in many areas of plastic surgery (burns/scar revision, breast reconstruction, cleft palates, cross bite), as well as the veterinary market (tumour removal). Successful tissue expansion reduces the cost of treatment and is a significant improvement to other alternative forms of surgical reconstruction.

The company was incorporated in 2011 and has raised £1.4m to date from angel investors. All investments to date have been EIS compliant.

Oxtex is ISO13485 certified for the design and manufacture of devices and clinical trials for scar revision and cross bite will commence in the second half of 2014. A range of devices for small animal veterinary application will also be launched in 2014. The company has an experienced board and a scientific advisory board of recognised academics and clincians.

Market Overview

The veterinary market compared to the human market is small. It is, however, less regulated and therefore easier to penetrate. The global market for medical tissue expanders is estimated today at over $1b annually. All tissue expander relevant markets exhibit a solid growth forecast (cosmetic (3,4%), reconstructive (3,3%), dental (11%). The most exciting opportunity lies with dental applications. The dental implant market alone is forecast to double in North America & Europe and triple in emerging economies within the next 10 years, mainly due to ageing populations.

Product and Services

Oxtex devices exhibit many improvements over existing tissue expanders, namely their controlled, self-expanding properties and versatile size. Oxtex expanders will greatly improve current reconstructive surgical techniques for scar/burns revision and breast reconstruction and spearhead the use of soft tissue expanders in a wide range of treatments where they have not been used before (primarily dental/oral procedures). Oxtex has obtained the appropriate ISO13485 certificate for the design and manufacture of devices and has filed two product patents to protect the product's unique expansion properties.

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If you are interested in learning more about Oxtex as an investment opportunity, please contact David Jackson.