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The Company

Oxtex Limited is a medical technology company from the University of Oxford which is developing a range of novel devices for soft tissue expansion. These devices have a number of applications in a range of reconstructive surgical procedures, restorative dentistry and veterinary surgery.

Incorporated in May 2011, Oxtex has raised over £4m in  funding to date and has filed a number of patents to protect the design of its product. In collaboration with a number of external consultants, the company has launch its first veterinary product, Expaniderm, and is in the process of concluding all necessary pre-clinical testing required for clinical trials in man.


The commercial potential of the Oxtex technology has been recognised by the business community; the company received the OBN awards for Best Emerging MedTech in late 2011 and best New Medical Product in 2012.


The Company has a very experienced Board of Directors and is further supported by a Scientific Advisory Board of internationally recognised academics and clinicians.

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